Thursday, January 1, 2015


I NEVER make New Year's Resolutions, but somehow I have caught the #nerdlution15 spirit, and I am going to join in. Here goes!

1. Less soda. I have been saying all week that I am going to give up my Diet Cokes, and I've been joking with my kids that I would be waiting until January 1st. (So far I've made it through lunch without one!) Honestly, I wasn't completely serious about giving them up, although I know I should not be drinking so many. After seeing a few resolutions to drink less soda, I am thinking I can at least commit to cutting back. I would really like to give them up completely, but that might not be realistic. I recently quit buying them to keep at home, but all that has done is caused me to make several trips to the convenience store and pay more for them! I really want to work toward giving them up completely, so I am going begin and say that I will have no more than 5 per week during the next 50 days. At that time, I will reevaluate the situation!

2. Writing/Blogging. I came home from Nerd Camp MI 2014 psyched up to begin blogging, and then proceeded to make two entries. Even though I read many blogs by others and often think of things I should share, I simply haven't done it. I am really going to strive to reflect and post more often this year. I am going to aim to have posted 5 entries at the end of the 50 days. (I guess this is number one:)!

Hopefully, I will manage to stick with both of these once school and all of our other activities get started up again next week! I may be wishing for some snow days:) Happy Nerdlution 2015!

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  1. Two very good nerdlutions! I really need to do the first one! That is my weakness! I hope you do start to blog more. It is something that I enjoy doing for me. Good luck!