Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Must Read in 2019


When I saw the reminder that it was almost to share our 2019 lists, I felt a wave of panic because it didn't seem like I had as many soon to be published books on my "to read" list as I usually do. Once I spent some time on Goodreads, I didn't have any trouble compiling a list, but it is a little bit shorter than last year. I have 36 titles, mostly for middle grades with a few exceptions, composing my #MustReadin2019.

I have spent a little less time on Twitter and reading blog posts this year, and I have definitely missed out on some updates by others as well as completing one of the updates for myself. I did briefly consider whether I was going to spend the time forming a list and making the post to share this year, but a couple of thoughts pushed me to do it. I think this community is a great source of ideas and inspiration. Reading the lists and updates of others always helps me add to my own and sometimes think about a book a little differently. I just need to do a better job in sharing more from my own reading life. I am a complete "check off the list" nerd! I guess I take great joy in marking things off lists, so this is really a huge motivator to me. I don't know why a written list pushes me to read more than the huge stack of books on my nightstand, but for some reason it does! Finally, the biggest benefit of my 2018 Must Read list came from printing a copy and taping it on the circulation desk at school. It helped create a great deal of book conversations and recommendations, to an extent I hadn't really imagined. So before writing this post, I taped the new list to my desk, ready for students to return on Monday, January 7!

My 2019 Must Reads are below:
I look forward to catching up with everyone else's new lists and to beginning a new year of reading!
Happy 2019!


  1. I think it is wonderful that you post a copy of this list to your desk! Happy Reading in 2019. I keep visiting these lists and adding to my Goodreads list of possible reads!

  2. I love that your students engage in so much bookish conversation around your list! I've never posted mine in my classroom, but I think I will follow your example and try that. I crowdsource my list and select a title from each person's list to add to my own, and you have SO many books here that I want to read! I just got a copy of Hearts Unbroken last week and also really meant to get to There There in 2018 and didn't. Happy reading!

  3. I love your idea of sharing your list at school. I am going to print mine out tomorrow and do the same. I have read quite a few on your list and especially loved The Poet X, Piecing Me Together, Merci Suarez, Hearts Unbroken and The Serpents Secret. I hope you enjoy them too.

  4. Like you, I post my list in my room. There is a bulletin board behind my desk. I really enjoy that part of it. You have a lot of great books that I almost/should have put on my list. I will be disappointed if I don't read The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora, Hearts Unbroken, The Lost Girl and a few others. I have read The Giver and From You to Me (which I did not enjoy as much as her verse novels, but I still liked it). We have Small Spaces in common, and I hope we both enjoy it.

  5. I imagine the students love seeing your list. I enjoyed Merci Suarez and Nowhere Boy a lot and want to read Hearts Unbroken for sure, though I didn't add it to my list. The Librarian at Auschwitz is very good, too. I've started a second list of books from everyone's lists, ones I want to be sure not to miss.
    Thanks for the great list!

  6. I too love this idea of taping your list to the circulation desk! I enjoyed some of the books on your poster and hope to read others in the new year. Happy reading!

  7. I definitely need to post my list where I can see it every day! You have a great list here -- I see so many titles I enjoyed this last year and many that I still want to read. I also have Hearts Unbroken, Merci Suárez Changes Gears, and The Serpent's Secret on my "must read" list. This is my first year participating, so I'll look forward to updates! :)